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Family Awarded 4.5 Million After Baby is Born Disconfigured

Ana and Rodolfo Santana were brought to tears Friday, September 9th when a Palm Beach County jury awarded them 4.5 million dollars, half of what the family was asking for, to provide medical care for the duration of their son’s life. Bryan Santana’s life expectancy is a healthy 70 years old, and the funds awarded will ensure that he is cared for in the duration of his life and will cover prosthetic limbs.

“The money awarded to the Santana family will help Bryan live a normal life,” Weisser said. “Properly read sonograms would have clearly shown that Bryan was going to be born without three limbs – the doctors responsible were clearly negligent and blatantly misread ultrasounds.” Doctors should be held accountable for their actions, especially when the livelihoods of regular families in Florida are being harmed.

The Santana family chose not to ask money for pain and suffering, instead stating the money is solely for Bryan. “We are happy knowing that our son will live a more normal life, thanks to the funds awarded by the jury in the suit,” Ana Santana stated.

After careful review of the Santana family’s details, Jason Weisser decided to take on the case to bring justice to innocent families harmed by negligent doctors. Recently being awarded Best Medical Malpractice Attorney in the State of Florida, Weisser is an experienced attorney properly prepared to defend the people in the courtroom.

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