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Florida Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Red-Light Cameras Proves Successful – New Laws More Fair to Drivers

Florida drivers are witnessing a rise in the number of shiny new red-light cameras at intersections all over counties in Florida. The most common ones are placed over top red lights at intersections, but others exist disguised as poles behind each corner of the intersection. Approximately twenty-seven cities and two counties were sued with more than half agreeing to settle, and the other half continuing with litigation.

The experienced South Florida trial attorney’s are fighting for the citizens all over Florida. The firm’s class action lawsuits resulted in changes to the law in July 2010 making it much easier for citizens to contest tickets in front of a judge. Another key change resulting from the suit is broad restrictions on right hand turn red light tickets. These were responsible for approximately 80-90% of all tickets in Florida.

In addition to increasing due process for the citizens of Florida, Jason Weisser, a senior partner in the firm states, “the lawsuit made the process much more fair and we are proud of that.” “It has standardized fine schedules and made them consistent around the state. Plus the money collected now goes to the State of Florida rather than to a private company.”
As plaintiff’s attorneys we strive to fight for the people. Our mission is to hold lawmakers accountable for their actions and create equality for the citizens of Florida. We hope one day to get this case brought in front of the Florida Supreme Court, because under current legislation we are only suing individual cities and counties.

After carefully studying every facet of the case, our firm has brought awareness to an issue that we thought was unfair to the hardworking people of Florida. Additionally, the suit will recover money for those that were unlawfully cited over a two-year period. We hope to make the entire process fair under the Florida Constitution. Fighting for the people, we are striving to keep the government honest and fair – a direct result of our lawsuit. photo%201.JPG

Having assisted thousands of citizens who were unlawfully given red-light camera tickets, we strive to fight for the people, especially when the government is honest and unfair. The experienced Florida Class Action Lawyers at Schuler Halvorson Weisser and Zoeller will fight for your rights.
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